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How can you join the odd fellows?
Well first you must be earnest in your quest, have a heart that is pure, and hands that are clean. You must seek to be fraternal and be prepared to give comfort and assistance to your fellows in oddness and the wider community. If you belief that you are well prepared for this journey then you must find an odd fellow and say “I think that I should like to be an odd fellow”.
You will likely be sorely tested with such taunts as “Why do you want to do that?”, and “you must be joking!”. If you truly want to be an odd fellow you will not let such things dissuade you.
To further prove yourself you must now proceed to relentlessly badger the odd fellow to get you an application. Upon filling out the application and returning it to the odd fellow, you will probably have to badger some more to ensure your application is received by the secretary and then, if all goes well, an interviewing committee will make contact with you and the process will begin in earnest.
Bear in mind that there are dues and fees and duties, but there are also mysteries and secrets and friendship, love and truth.

To find an odd fellow try finding your local lodge on these pages and either hang around on meeting nights or send a message to the contact given for that lodge.

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